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“Ovarian Disrupting Effects of Contaminants of Emerging Concern”

With Shuo Xiao, PhD (Rutgers University)

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“Climate, Environment & Health Legislative Forum”

With Elizabeth A. Mack PhD (Michigan State University); Devon Payne-Sturges, PhD (University of Maryland); Stuart Batterman PhD (University of Michigan); Carina Gronlund PhD (University of Michigan)

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“Hypothalamic Glia in the Intersection of Environmental Stress & Metabolism”

With Marianna Sadagurski, PhD (Associate Professor, Wayne State University)

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M-LEEaD’s 2023 Summer Omics and Data Science Symposium

With Justin Colacino, PhD, MPH, MA; Rachel Morgan, PhD, MPH; Bambarendage (Pini) Perera, PhD; Kai Wang, PhD; and Yue Zhao, PhD, MS

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M-LEEaD’s Environmental Health Sciences Early Investigator 2023 Career Development Workshop

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“Understanding NAAQS (Non-)Attainment: Science, Policy, & Implications for Environmental Justice”

With Stuart Batterman (University of Michigan), Nick Leonard (Great Lakes Environmental Law Center) and Simone Sagovac (Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition). Moderated by Natalie Sampson (University of Michigan, Dearborn).

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“1,000 Chemicals and their Combined Hormonal Bioactivities in Silicone Wristband Samplers”

With Anna Young, PhD, MS, BA (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

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“It’s an Emergency! What are we doing about it? Environmental Justice and Emergency Response in Detroit”

With Keynote Speaker Jacqueline Patterson, MSW, MPH (Chisholm Legacy Project) and a panel of community voices: Ricky Ackerman, Tammara Howard, Theresa Landrum, Vincent Martin, Lula Odom.

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“Exploring early origins of cognitive decline: The St. Louis Baby Teeth Study”

With Marc Weisskopf, PhD, ScD (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

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EHS Film and Panel Discussion: “Nailed It”

With Dr. Aurora Le (University of Michigan), Dr. Tran Huynh (Drexel University), Minhthu Le (California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative), Brianna Siracuse (United States Environmental Protection Agency), Khang Huynh (University of Michigan)

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“Advancing Environmental Health and Justice: A Call for Assessment and Oversight of Health Care Waste”

With Vincent Martin (V Martin Environmental Justice LLC), Omega Wilson (West End Revitalization Assoc., NC) and Denise Patel (NYC human rights and environmental activist). Moderated by Natalie Sampson (University of Michigan, Dearborn)

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“Using Community-based Participatory Research to Address Immigrant Latinx Workers’ Health & Safety”

With Deysi Flores (Make the Road), Isabel Cuervo (City University of New York) and Sherry Baron (City University of New York); Moderator: Amy Schulz (University of Michigan).