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“Air Pollution Research to Inform Public Health Policy and Action”

With Sara Adar, ScD, MHS (University of Michigan)

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“Wildfire Smoke Exposure and Adverse Health Outcomes (beyond the lungs)”

With Luke Montrose (Colorado State University)

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“Causal Inference in Air Quality Regulation: An Overview and Topics in Statistical Methodology”

With Corwin Zigler, PhD (University of Texas, Austin)

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“Water and Public Health: Inequity and Affordability”

With Monica-Lewis Patrick (We the People of Detroit), Mary Grant (Food & Water Watch) and Dr. Marcela González Rivas (University of Pittsburgh); Moderated by Amy Schulz (University of Michigan)

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“The interplay of maternal diet with environmental exposures in pregnancy”

With Rita S. Strakovsky, PhD, RD (Michigan State University)

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M-LEEaD Member Kickoff Meeting

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“PBBs in Michigan: Empowering an Exposed Community”

With Bonnie Havlicek, RN (PBB Advisory Board) and Michele Marcus, PhD, MPH (Emory University); Moderated by Amy Schulz (University of Michigan)

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“Introducing M-LEEaD: What is the Michigan Center on Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Disease and what can it do for me?”

With Dana Dolinoy, PhD; Marie S. O’Neill, PhD; Sung Kyun Park, ScD, MPH; Lu Wang, PhD; Daniel S. McConnell, PhD; Amy Jo Schulz, PhD; and Zhongzhe Ouyang

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“Environmental Injustice in Dearborn’s Southend”

With Samra'a Luqman (Environmental activist from the Southend of Dearborn) and Zeina Reda (Student, University of Michigan). Moderated by Natalie Sampson (University of Michigan, Dearborn)

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“Operationalizing the exposome through chemical surveillance and bioeffect monitoring with high-resolution mass spectrometry”

With Douglas Walker, PhD

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“Integrating intersectionality into Environmental Health Sciences”

With Ami R. Zota, ScD, MS

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“Making TSCA Work: Demystifying the Risk Assessment Process”

With Regina Strong, Patricia Koman, Gary Ginsberg, Wendy Heiger-Bernays and Chanese Forté