Tue January 26 2021
M-LEEaD CEC and IHSC Webinar Series: “Environmental Health Priorities in South East Michigan: Community Engagement Core and Stakeholder Advocacy Board”
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Tue February 9 2021
M-LEEaD CEC and IHSC Webinar Series: “Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments”
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Fri February 12 2021
M-LEEaD Symposium: “Innovations in Relating Real Life Exposures to Chemicals and Chemical Mixtures to Health Outcomes”
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Tue March 9 2021
M-LEEaD CEC and IHSC Webinar Series: “Energy Equity: Health Impact Assessment of Detroit Energy's Integrated Resource Plan”
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Tue November 24 2020
Environmental Research Seminar: “The Impact of COVID-19 on Service Workers” with Marie-Anne Rosemberg, PhD (UM School of Nursing)
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Tue November 10 2020
Environmental Research Seminar: “Of Moms and Microbes: Pregnancy and the Microbiome” with Kimberly McKee, PhD (Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, UM Medical School)
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Fri October 23 2020
Environmental Statistics Week: “A Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Prediction Model to Inform County-level COVID-19 Risks in the USA” with Peter Song (UM SPH)
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Member Updates

Fri October 16 2020
Rachel S. Bergmans, PhD, MPH As a Center Scientist Rachel Bergmans, PhD, MPH, is investigating...
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Wed September 2 2020
Updates from the Community Engagement Core Toledoans For Safe Drinking Water / Facebook Environmental summer camps...
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